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We all face difficult seasons in life. How you respond in the difficult times will determine whether or not you make it into the fullness of your destiny. Let Joel teach you the tools to stay in faith during seasons of loss, disappointment and unfair situations. By staying in faith and speaking out in faith over those difficult times, you will stay in a position of power and peace. Discover how men and women in the Bible faced trials just like you, and their faith in God brought them to their promise land. As you have the attitude of ?all is well,? you are showing God that you trust Him. That?s what allows Him to give you beauty for ashes and take what was meant for harm and use it to your advantage.


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For your investment in this ministry, request these special resources that can help you see God is able to do more in you and through you than you ever dreamed possible!


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With a gift of ANY SIZE


In this 4-part resource, Joel Osteen shares how to overcome challenges and experience God's best by trusting at a deeper level, dreaming bigger and imagining through the eyes of faith.




Joel and Victoria Osteen are coming to a city near you! Make plans now to attend one of these inspirational nights of hope, worship and encouragement in cities across America.


You Can You Will

It’s time for you to win.

You were created to be successful, to accomplish your goals, to leave your mark on this generation. Get ready to step into a new level of your destiny and discover talents you didn’t even know you had!


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