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#653, An Expected End

Like any good movie, our lives are filled with twists and turns. There are seasons and situations that happen where it looks like nothing is going to work out. But, did you know God has already planned your final scene to end in victory? When you understand your end has been established, you won’t go through life discouraged because of a disappointment or bitter because of a loss. Let this inspirational message give you the biblical tools to face life with courage, hope and great faith, knowing that God can even use what seems to be a setback in our lives as a grand setup, an unexpected end. You may have had a rough start, but you’re not going to have a rough finish! And best of all, God promises in Philippians 1:6 that He will bring you to a flourishing finish!

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God loves to restore and not just bring us back to our original condition - He makes us better than we were before!  In this 4-message series, Joel encourages you that no matter what you are facing or what you may have lost, God can restore all things and bring complete healing to every area of your life.




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