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3-Minute Mornings

The key to a better, greater day is just three minutes away.

Can you imagine changing the course of your day in only three minutes? Scripture promises that His mercies are new every morning. When you wake up, or before you leave the house, take three minutes to declare God's favor and freedom over your life. We encourage you to get a second copy of 3-Minute Mornings to bless a friend or family member.

Trusting God's Ways

What God Puts in Your Heart

Today's Word: MAY 20, 2024

When David heard Goliath taunt the Israelites on the battlefield, daring them to fight, he watched thousands of strong, skilled Israeli soldiers run away and hide in fear. Something rose up in David, and he said, “Who is this who defies the armies of the living God?” David was just a teenager, a shepherd, with no military training or experience, yet he had this immediate desire to fight Goliath. One thing we know about David is that he had a heart after God. He had committed his ways into God’s hands. In turn, God put this desire in his heart. If it wasn’t a God-given desire, David would have talked himself out of it. But when God puts the desire in you, He’ll make it stronger than all the negative voices, all the doubts that try to talk you out of it. When it’s a God-given desire, you won’t be moved by opposition, by how impossible it looks, by what people are telling you. There will be a boldness, a confidence, to do what you know God put in your heart.



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