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It’s How You Live

Today's Word: Nov 27, 2022

When somebody calls for you at home, and you don't want to talk, do you tell your child, "Tell them I'm not home"? Or have they listened to you calling in sick to work when you're not sick? That's not integrity. We can tell our children to be excellent and take the high road, but if they see us compromising and doing the opposite, it's not going to happen. So don't complain later when your child lies to you. We lead by example. You can't be loving and cheerful in public but be critical and sour at home and not have your child follow in your steps. You are teaching them by example, and they're always watching and listening. They are deeply impacted by what you say and do.

You can't fool your children. They know when there's a double standard. They know when there's not integrity. This is not to pressure us, but to make us strive to excel in living an exemplary life that we want our children to live.

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Victory in the name of Jesus! This amazing new resource will help you discover the different names for Jesus and what each name means for your life. It’s full of insight and discovery, biblical stories and illustrations, and daily encouragement.



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