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2023 Today's Word Devotional Calendar


You'll be reminded daily that God will meet all your needs and how you can move from having just enough to having more than enough.

A Receiving Mindset

Out of the Empty Places 

Today's Word: JUN 04, 2023

In the Scripture, Naomi and her family had moved from Bethlehem to the country of Moab because of a famine. Life was good there until Naomi’s husband unexpectedly died. Then ten years later, both of her sons died. Heartbroken, she decided to move back home with almost nothing but her daughter-in-law Ruth. She returned bitter, but if you follow her story you know that God turned her situation around and brought her great joy.    There are times when life deals us such a blow that we feel empty, with nothing left to give. We started out pursuing dreams, but a loss, a business didn’t make it, or an illness left us feeling empty. The beauty is that our God is not going to leave you empty and feeling like you can’t go on. He comes into our empty places with strength for the weary, fresh vision, fresh anointing. Even now, God is breathing on your life. You’re about to come out of that empty place. He has something coming that’s going to far outweigh the loss, the heartache, the disappointment. 



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