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3-Minute Mornings

The key to a better, greater day is just three minutes away.

Can you imagine changing the course of your day in only three minutes? Scripture promises that His mercies are new every morning. When you wake up, or before you leave the house, take three minutes to declare God's favor and freedom over your life. We encourage you to get a second copy of 3-Minute Mornings to bless a friend or family member.

Take Care Of Yourself

Who Is Speaking to You?

Today's Word: MAY 26, 2024

In John 4, Jesus met a Samaritan woman at a well and offered to give her “living water,” meaning eternal life. At first, she thought He was just talking about ordinary water. But Jesus said, “If you knew who I am, you wouldn’t ask Me for water. I have so much more. I can give you living water.” When you know who our God is, when you realize He created the universe, He spoke worlds into existence, He parted the Red Sea, healed the lepers, multiplied food, and closed the mouths of lions, you won’t just ask Him for ordinary things. You’ll ask Him for your dreams, for what looks impossible.  Are you like this lady, asking Him for water, asking Him for the ordinary? He’s saying, “I have living water. I have abundance. I have healing. I have breakthroughs. I have houses. I have businesses. I have ministries. I have favor that will catapult you where you can’t go by yourself.” Pray big, believe big, and God will exceed your expectations. He’ll do more than you can imagine.



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One of the greatest gifts one can give is sharing our faith with others while expressing gratitude to God. We would love to hear what incredible things God has done for you and the many ways He has changed your life! Your story will be a blessing for many who need inspiration and encouragement.

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