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From Valley To Victory DVD Set


Victory is Yours! This new resource will show you how to trust that He is making a way. We all go through valleys — difficult times in life. Don’t give up when it feels like you’re in the valley. God wants to bring you out stronger than before.

Joel Osteen speaking at Lakewood Church
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Light Will Break for You

Today's Word: Jun 20, 2021

Too often we're waiting for the light to break forth--the promotion, the healing, the new level--but we've not served anyone. When you focus on not just accomplishing your dreams but on being a blessing and serving others, you're going to have more joy and be more fulfilled. When you make it your business to serve, you're going to see breakthroughs, promotion, and doors open that you couldn't open.

Take a break from what's bothering you. Take a break from what you want, from what you're believing for, and go be good to somebody else. When you serve others, that's a seed you're sowing. God will make sure that you're blessed. He'll have people be good to you. If you're not getting any good breaks, you need to ask yourself, "Am I giving any good breaks? Am I just doing what I'm required to do, or am I showing people favor, am I going the extra mile and serving?"



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One of the greatest gifts one can give is sharing our faith with others while expressing gratitude to God. We would love to hear what incredible things God has done for you and the many ways He has changed your life! Your story will be a blessing for many who need inspiration and encouragement.
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