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Praying With Confidence

In appreciation for your gift this month

This month, in appreciation for your end-of-year gift, Joel would like to send you the new Hopes & Dreams 2024 Planner as our way of saying thank you for supporting the message of hope.

Living Guilt-Free


Today's Word: DEC 09, 2023

To abide in Christ means you’re connected to Him, you’re trusting in Him for all that you need. When you’re abiding, it takes the pressure off. Instead of focusing on what you can do, you’re focused on what God can do. You’re depending on His goodness, His favor, His power. As long as you’re striving in your own strength, you’re limited to what you can accomplish. The problem is that we all face difficulties and situations that are too big. No matter how hard we try, our strength, our effort, and our talent will not be enough.    That’s why God said you can’t bear fruit by yourself. You can’t overcome that challenge, break the addiction, or accomplish your dream just with your own will power, your own hard work. You need power from on high. When you’re abiding, there is a force that breathes in your direction, a favor that opens doors that you can’t open, breaks chains that are holding you back, releases healing, creativity, and increase that will catapult you into your destiny. 



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