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3-Minute Mornings

The key to a better, greater day is just three minutes away.

Can you imagine changing the course of your day in only three minutes? Scripture promises that His mercies are new every morning. When you wake up, or before you leave the house, take three minutes to declare God's favor and freedom over your life. We encourage you to get a second copy of 3-Minute Mornings to bless a friend or family member.

Take Care Of Yourself

The Winds and the Waves

Today's Word: MAY 29, 2024

In Acts 27, God promised Paul that he would stand trial before Caesar in Rome, but the ship he was on was caught for fourteen days in a huge storm with hurricane-force winds. When all hope had been given up of being saved, the captain decided to stop fighting the storm, lowered the sails, and let the wind blow them. But when they shipwrecked on the island of Malta, Paul shared the good news with the islanders, and many were healed and became believers. What looked like a setback in God’s plan for Paul was actually a divine detour to move him to people in need. While we stand against sickness, addictions, and abusive situations, there are some storms and troubles that are leading to where God wants you to go. You have to quit trying to make it work out your way. It’s a divine detour. If you fight it, you’re not going to win. What you can’t see is that trouble is transportation, moving you into your purpose, perhaps into a position to make a difference in someone else’s life.



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