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The Power Of Proverbs


Speak Victory! This 31-Day Guided Journal will help you declare blessings, take you to higher levels, and will teach you how to make better decisions every day. Learn how you can experience success, and favor, all by walking in the wisdom and promises of God.

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Gateways of Hope

Today's Word: Aug 11, 2022

We all face setbacks in our finances, health challenges, struggles in relationships, and unfair situations. When we're in the valley, it's easy to get discouraged and think it's never going to improve. You may feel stuck in a valley of trouble, a valley of loneliness, a valley of debt, a valley of sickness. But don't let the valley fool you. Today's Scripture says that God is about to transform that valley into a gateway of hope, increase, favor, and health. The valley is leading you to new levels, to better relationships, to greater influence.

Perhaps you feel that you'll always be trapped in a valley of addiction, because your relatives all struggled in the same valley. No, this is a new day. That valley is about to be transformed into a gateway of freedom and victory. God has a breakthrough coming your way. The addiction, the loneliness, or the anxiety is not going to hold you back. You were created to be free, to be happy, to live an abundant, fulfilled life.



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