Get Your True Image Back

Post by Victoria Osteen on September 19, 2017

In Genesis 1, the first thing that God says about you and me is that He created us in His image. Having His image and likeness inside of us was meant to be our source of strength and confidence. But that image was distorted when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden and were separated from God. Even then God said, "I'm going to rebirth this image in you." So the image of God was given a rebirth in you when you said yes to Jesus and put your faith in Him.

However, the Bible also says we have an enemy who "comes only to steal and kill and destroy" (John 10:10 NIV), and he wants to steal that image from us. Too often things that happen in our lives—maybe the way we were mistreated and hurt as a child or an abusive marriage and painful divorce—try to distort or smear that image. We begin to identify with our circumstances and the pain, taking on the image of a victim or "I'm a divorced person," rather than identifying with who we are in Christ Jesus and His power in us. 

The question is, have you allowed the enemy and things that have happened to you distort the image of God in your life? You need to get your true image back! I can't think of a higher calling on this earth than to bear the image of Almighty God. He is saying, "You are made in My image and Jesus lives in you! You are not a victim, and your image is not that of a damaged person. You are a victor!" Allow His Word to instruct you on all that you have received in Jesus and put yourself in the presence of God in worship and let Him adjust and reaffirm His image in you. He wants that image to be deeply impressed into your very being.



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