Life-giving Water

Post by Joel Osteen on November 10, 2017

Wherever I go, I find that people are thirsty. People have gone through heartache; they've been pushed down by life. They may smile on the outside, but on the inside they're hurting, they're lonely, they're insecure. Many people have wounds from the past, wounds from people saying hurtful, judgmental words about them. You and I have something to offer them. Proverbs 18:4 says, "A person's words can be life-giving water." Our words can help heal the hurts and break the chains that are holding them back. Our words have the power to lift people up, to help them get through a challenge, to push them toward their destiny.

People are thirsty, and we have the water. The Scripture says, "A gentle tongue brings healing" (Proverbs 15:4). When you tell someone, "I love you, and I'm proud of you," you're not just being kind; those are healing words. It might be just a simple word of encouragement or a compliment, such as "I'm praying for you" or "You look great today." It's no big deal to you, but to them it helps heal a wound. It lifts their spirits, causing them to believe in themselves. Just letting people know that you care does more than you imagine. You have the power to put someone on their feet, to keep them from falling into depression, to cause them to pursue their dream.

Somebody needs your healing words today. Why don't you start with your own family? How long has it been since you've told your spouse, "I love you. I'm so glad that you're mine." Don't let strangers compliment your spouse more than you do. Don't let a teacher, a coach or a friend make your child feel more special than you do. Bless your children every day with your words. Tell them how proud you are of them. Tell them what they can become. Remind them that they are made in the image of Almighty God. Call out their seeds of greatness. They have enough people telling them what they can't become. They face all kinds of negative chatter on social media, bullying, people saying hurtful things. When you tell them you love them and are proud of them, that's not just healing the wounds, that's protecting them. That's what helps those hurtful words bounce off of them. Stay on the offensive. Develop this habit of speaking life-giving words over your family.


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