A Superhero with a Makeup Bag

Post by Victoria Osteen on November 17, 2017

Sometimes I think that Almighty God wants us to be like superheroes…fearless and courageous powerhouses for Him. The superhero suddenly comes out of nowhere and shows up strong to bring victory to what was certain defeat by the enemy. Clark Kent steps into the phone booth and comes out Superman. What seems impossible, what looks beyond hope, is suddenly turned around in triumph.

That's a bit like what Moses did for the people of Israel. Having been told by God to return to Egypt and tell Pharaoh to free His people from slavery, Moses suddenly appeared on the scene and showed the Israelite elders the miraculous signs that God would do. Yet when Pharaoh initially resisted, the people of Israel "did not listen to [Moses] because of their discouragement and harsh labors" (Exodus 6:9). They were so buried under years of discouragement that they could not even hear about the God of the impossible. Nevertheless, God used Moses to bring ten mighty acts of judgment upon Pharaoh that restored hope to His people and brought them out into freedom.

I have a friend whose family recently lost all their material possessions when five feet of water came rushing into their house. Her family was safe, but she left with nothing. She was so overwhelmed, so numb, and felt as though she couldn't even move. And then into that atmosphere of defeat, a superhero, her friend, showed up with…of all things…a bag full of makeup. My friend said, "Not only did God tell her the color foundation I wear, but she brought all the extras—the mascara, the blush, and the lip gloss." Her friend was the instrument that allowed God to breathe life back into her soul. Now that's a superhero! And she says that since then God has sent someone to bring encouragement to her every day.

You can be a superhero for God. It might be a simple word of encouragement or just showing up with a broom or a hammer or a bag of makeup. If you will ask God to put that one person on our heart, I believe that God will do things in your life that you can't even ask, think, or imagine!


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