Be an Extravagant Giver

Post by Victoria Osteen on November 24, 2017

There was a young boy who decided he was going to go see Jesus, so that morning he packed his sack lunch of five barley loaves and two fish, thinking it would take care of his hunger through the day (see John 6). But later as he stood in a crowd of thousands watching Jesus, one of Jesus' disciples approached him and said, "Son, I see you brought a lunch, and Jesus is asking for it. We have to feed all these people!" I'm sure the boy thought, "Are you kidding? This is just enough for me." Nevertheless, he placed what he had in the hands of Jesus and that little bit of food was multiplied and fed the huge crowd.

We all find ourselves in situations where we know someone has a need that we don't think we can meet. They may have even asked for our help, but we know that we don't have enough to help them financially, or we can't provide them with the job or the living situation that would solve their problem. It's just too much.

But can you share your lunch? You may not have exactly what your neighbor needs, but do you have a hand you can lend? You are never empty-handed. Can you give a little to help? Maybe it's just your time. Sometimes time is more valuable than money. Perhaps your sister just needs an encouraging word? Does she need you to sit down for fifteen minutes and be a listening ear? Maybe she just needs you to nod and say, "Yes, you can do it."

We are never empty-handed because we serve the Creator of the world. We need to have the abundant mentality of an extravagant giver, because when we put what we have in the hands of Jesus, no matter how great or small, it makes a difference in people's lives! It might be giving a smile or a prayer. It might be holding the door open for a stranger and saying hello. Just let your light shine. When you begin to put your little into the hands of Jesus, you're going to see miracles! You're going to see relationships mended and new doors open. 

Be an extravagant giver of what you have. Have the mentality that says, "I'm never empty-handed. I always have something to offer!" And watch God take your little and feed a multitude. That's extravagant giving!


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