Consider the Possible Effects

Post by Victoria Osteen on December 1, 2017

It is said that today's smartphone is millions of times more powerful than all of NASA's combined computing in 1969—that's the year man first set foot on the moon. We should be in awe of this marvelous device that we hold in our hands, but most of us take it for granted and don't think twice about the many ways we're using it.

When Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876, he created it for the simple purpose of being able to speak with someone in another place. Sitting in one room, he spoke into the phone to his assistant in another room, saying the now famous words: "Mr. Watson, come here. I need you," and those words were heard and understood. That was a wonderful accomplishment, one that formed the foundation of today's telecommunications industry. But do you think Bell ever dreamed what the telephone would look like today or what it can do? For decades it was connected to the wall, but today it's in our pockets! It's not only in our pockets, but we can take and send pictures with it, send text messages to others around the world, check the weather radar, and search the internet for data and answers to questions of all sorts. Bell would have never dreamed that his simple prototype for transmitting speech over wires would have the reach it has today.

In much the same way, think about the simple things that you will do today and consider the possible effects. When you overlook an offense, that's a simple thing, but do you realize the effects it may have? What happens when you extend forgiveness to a loved one rather than hold a grudge? When you take responsibility for the love and care of your family, and go to work with a good attitude even though your workplace is a difficult one, do you know the difference it will make in your children's lives, your coworkers' lives, or in your own life today? Might it have an extended effect for the next week, or year, or perhaps even a lifetime? The truth is, we can't see the ultimate effects of what we will do today any more than Bell saw what the telephone was going to become. But I can tell you that when you do the right thing today, you'll have an effect that reaches further than you ever dreamed or imagined, and it could be for eternity!


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