Surrounded by the Most High

Post by Joel Osteen on January 12, 2018

We all have times when we feel like we're surrounded by difficulties—by a sickness, by debt, by an addiction. Everywhere we turn, we face it. It's easy to get discouraged and think, "I'll never get out of this trouble. It has me surrounded." That's the way the prophet Elisha's assistant felt in 2 Kings 6. In the night the king of Aram had sent an army with horses and chariots to surround Elisha's house. When Elisha's assistant went out early in the morning and saw all the horses and chariots, he totally panicked and exclaimed, "What are we going to do?" Elisha said, "Don't be afraid. Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." Then Elisha prayed, "Lord, open his eyes so that he may see." Suddenly the young man looked out and saw the hills full of powerful warring angels with their horses and chariots of fire. He thought they were surrounded by the enemy, but the enemy was surrounded by our God.  

Like this man, you may be surrounded by trouble, but what you can't see is that the Most High God is surrounding what's surrounding you. There's another world that you can't see with your natural eyes. If God pulled back the curtain, you would see powerful angels at work on your behalf, standing guard, protecting you, pushing back forces of darkness. You would see God moving the wrong people out of the way, lining up things in your favor, arranging good breaks, healing, and deliverance. If you only focus on what you see with your physical eyes—the sickness, the addiction, the obstacle—you'll be worried and discouraged. Through eyes of faith, you need to see that every obstacle that's holding you back is surrounded by the Most High.

When you know God is surrounding what's surrounding you, you'll stay in peace as Elisha did, knowing the forces for you are greater than the forces against you. In the story in 2 Kings, as the enemy army came closer, Elisha prayed and the Lord struck the soldiers with blindness. After Elisha spared their lives, the king of Aram never bothered the Israelites again.

God knows how to turn your situation around. There are going to be enemies that are not going to bother you anymore. That sickness, that addiction, that financial difficulty you've struggled with for years—God is going to put an end to it. You keep doing the right thing, honoring God, being your best, and you're going to see the forces that have hindered you broken once and for all.


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