Your Yes is Coming

Post by Joel Osteen on April 13, 2018

When the loan didn't go through or you didn't get the promotion you worked so hard for, it's easy to get discouraged by so many no's and give up on your dreams. But I believe God is saying, "This is going to be a time of yes for you—yes to the healing, to the promotion, to the breakthrough. What hasn't worked out in the past is suddenly going to fall into place. Doors you thought were closed are suddenly going to open. The favor of God is going to reverse the no's and bring you into your yes.

I talked to a very successful sales executive who had been out of work for over a year. She had an impressive résumé and applied to dozens of companies, but only got back no's. Five times she thought she was the frontrunner, but then was told no. Months later, she and one other man were finalists for a position, and she flew to that city for an interview. On the way to the office, she told the taxi cab driver how she'd been praying and believing that something would open up and how this was the job she wanted the very most. Later that day, the lady who interviewed her at the office had to catch a plane. It just so happened that the same taxi cab driver picked her up. When he asked her how her day was going, she said she'd interviewed a man and a woman for one position and couldn't decide between the two. The driver said, "Let me tell you who you should pick. I brought that lady to your office, and you won't find a better person. She's smart, talented, articulate, plus she wants to work for you." The lady said, "You know what? I just made my decision." When she called the sales executive, she said, "If you ever see that taxi cab driver again, you need to thank him. He's the final reason I chose you."

What are the chances that the same taxi cab driver would pick up both women? That wasn't a coincidence; that was the hand of God. The apostle Paul said, "Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the Yes of Jesus" (2 Corinthians 1:20). That means the dreams God's placed in your heart, the promises He's spoken over you have already been stamped with yes. God has already set the date to bring it to pass. But there's one more thing that Paul says God needs: "God's Yes with our Yes together…makes it a sure thing." God needs your yes to make it happen. God works where there's faith. If this lady would have gone around thinking, "Oh, I'll never get the position," that would have kept it from happening.

Is God waiting for your yes? Are you letting the no's, the disappointments, and the delays convince you that it's not going to happen? You may not have seen it yet, but this is a new day. You are coming into a time of yes. Put your yes with God's yes and watch what happens!


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