See the Masterpiece

Post by Joel Osteen on July 13, 2018

Years ago Victoria and I were building a house. The foundation was poured, most of the framing was done, and the roof was in place but not shingled when a big storm moved in, and it rained for two days. When it cleared up, the house was such a mess. The living room looked like a dirty swimming pool with plywood floating around on about a foot of water. Workers had tracked in mud all throughout the house. Outside there was discarded lumber and trash piled high that couldn't be picked up because of the deep mud. It looked like a disaster. What's interesting is that we didn't say, "Stop building! It's never going to be what we wanted." We knew the mess was all a part of the building process to get a beautiful house.

In the same way, you have to see the things that are messy in your life, things you struggle with, things that seem out of place as simply under construction. It doesn't mean it's not going to work out. That water in your living room—the disappointment, the delay, the betrayal—you may not like it, but it's just part of the process. You're under construction. You can't become all you were created to be without messy times. To the untrained eye, the construction site can seem disorganized and random, but the architect isn't concerned because he drew the plans and knows exactly where it's going. Your architect and builder is the Most High God. He's designed a specific plan for your life, which the messy places can't stop. God's already taken into account all the delays, the things you don't understand, and even the mistakes you've made. You may think your dream can never work out, but God is saying, "You're right on schedule. You're not a finished product. I'm still working on you. What I started I'm going to bring to completion."

The enemy will whisper, "Look at you, such a mess. It will never work out." Just say to him, "I'm under construction. I have some messy areas, but God's still working on me." The apostle Paul said, "We are God's masterpiece" (Ephesians 2:10). You may not be there yet, but stop beating yourself up. Your attitude should be, "I'm a masterpiece in the making." When that voice tells you how you don't measure up and how you've done too much wrong, just say, "Yes, but I'm under God's construction. I'm growing, I'm coming up higher, and I know that He's going to finish what He started."

Look beyond the mess and see the masterpiece.


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