Why All the Opposition?

Post by Joel Osteen on November 1, 2019

We all have unfair things come against us in life, setbacks and difficulties. We wonder, "Why am I having all this opposition?" It's because when you gave your life to Christ, God marked you. He said, "You're mine." He put a crown of favor on your head. That's all great, but it also means you became a target to the enemy. He knows God has favored you to leave your mark and destined you to take new ground, so he's working overtime to try to stop you. Those bad breaks weren't random; those were strategic attacks. If the enemy wasn't threatened by you, he wouldn't be trying to hold you back. If he didn't know there was greatness in you, he wouldn't waste his time bringing those challenges.

When David was a teenager taking care of his father's sheep, he seemed as ordinary as can be. Nothing stood out about him. So why did his father leave him out in the shepherds' fields when Samuel came to anoint one of his sons to be the next king? Why did he look down on David and disrespect him? Why was David's oldest brother jealous of him, and why did he belittle David and try to hold him back? David wasn't intimidating or a threat to him. But the enemy can see things in you that you may not see. David saw himself as ordinary, but the enemy knew David had seeds of greatness in him. He knew David was historymaker. That's why he came against David so strongly.

Many of the challenges you've faced, the things that don't seem fair, the obstacles that came out of nowhere, the people who turned on you are because there's a historymaker in you. You may not see it yet, but the enemy can see there's greatness in you. Have a new perspective. Those difficulties are a sign that something amazing is in your future. There's something in you that the enemy doesn't want out. There's an assignment God has for you that the enemy is trying to stop—an anointing, an empowerment, a favor that he doesn't want you to see.

I want you to know that there is a fight for your future, but it's not your battle. God is fighting for you. David said, "I will exalt You, Lord, for You refused to let my enemies triumph over me" (Psalm 30:1). The enemy may send opposition that looks too big, but God overrides every negative force. Those setbacks and difficulties that are trying to keep you from your destiny, God is speaking to them right now. Breakthroughs are coming, healing is coming, freedom is coming, victory is coming. The greatness in you is about to come out.


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