Running Over

Post by Joel Osteen on February 7, 2020

Sometimes people will try to convince you that you're not supposed to be blessed. Back when my father was in seminary, he was taught that he was supposed to be poor to show that he was humble. Yet one of the names of God is "El Shaddai," which is usually translated "God Almighty" and means "more than enough." If God just wanted you to get by in life, why would His name be "More Than Enough?" Don't let people talk you out of the overflow that God has for you.

A friend of mine wanted to buy property on which to build a school. There were ten acres for sale that connected to his property, but they wanted $25,000 an acre, which was five times more per acre than what he paid for his land. He didn't have the funds. He knew he was supposed to build this school, but he didn't see how it could happen. Instead of talking himself out of it, he kept thanking God that He is a more-than-enough God and that overflow was coming. Three years later, a man from the government, whom he'd never met, showed up at his door and told him that the 120-acre property right across the street had been foreclosed on five times. The man said, "I've been authorized to get rid of it. Make me an offer, and we'll see what we can do." If you go by the adjacent $25,000 an acre, that land alone would be $3,000,000, plus it had nine nice buildings on it that he could use for a school. My friend said, "I'll give you $200,000." The man shook his hand and said. "You have a deal." He got it all for less than 10 percent of its value.

In Psalm 23, David says, "My cup runs over." When you pour water into a cup, you stop when the cup is full. You're limited by the cup's size. But God says, "When I pour out a blessing, I'm not limited by your capacity to receive." Our dreams and our cup of faith may be small. If God only blessed us according to how much we believe, we would be limited. If it was just up to us, we would never see the promise of Ephesians 3:20: "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think." But God is so good, He says, "Even when you have a little cup of faith, that's not going to stop Me from the big blessing I have in store." Get ready. He's not going to stop pouring at the top of your cup. He's going to give you a running-over blessing.


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