Make the Connection

Post by Victoria Osteen on August 29, 2011

Mark 5:21-34 describes a woman who had been sick for twelve years. She went to the best doctors of her time, but they gave her no help and no hope. She may have even suffered from her treatment as much as she suffered from her problem. Year after year went on without any chance in the natural for this woman. But one day, she heard that Jesus was coming to her town. News had spread of the miracles that were taking place everywhere He went. I can imagine something deep on the inside of this woman rose up and said, "This is your season. This is your time to get well."


When Jesus arrived, of course a large crowd gathered. When the woman saw all the people around Him she may have thought, "I'll never get His attention. It's so crowded and I'm weak. I just don't think I can do this." She could have almost missed her season. I can imagine that she was fighting those negative thoughts just like we all would if we were in her position. I can imagine her encouraging herself and saying over and over, "If I can just get close enough to touch His garment, I know that I will be whole." Scripture tells us that she kept pressing her way through the crowd until she was just close enough to Jesus to reach out and touch the edge of His robe. Instantly, she was made whole!


What's interesting is that Jesus actually felt her touch of faith. If you think about it, He was in a huge crowd of people. They were bumping into Him and touching Him left and right. But this woman's contact wasn't just an ordinary touch. It was a touch of faith and expectancy; and it impacted Jesus. This woman released her faith fully expecting to be healed, and Jesus felt the healing virtue flow out of Him.


Today, remember that it's our faith that opens the door for God's power to work in our lives. What have you been believing God for? Don't give up! Press through! Years may have passed, but just like this woman, keep praying. Keep asking. Keep seeking because God is faithful! As you press through, He'll meet your faith with His miraculous power, and you'll step forward in the victory He has planned for you!


"And he said to her, 'Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over'" (Mark 5:34, NLT).


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