What Season Are You In?

With wintertime so close, soon the trees will be barren, the grass will be a dormant brown, and the shrubs and flowers will look dead. But horticulturists tell us that there is way more taking place than meets the eye. During the winter months, the nutrients that the trees, flowers, and plants use to grow and bloom are being resourced into different areas, such as for thickening the tree bark or for preparing the plant or flower for the new growth and blooming season. Unless this takes place, the trees and plants will not become what they're supposed to be.

So what season are you in today? Ecclesiastes 3 begins with Solomon's remarkable words: "To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven." Too often we fail to understand this principle that we are in a season right now, and God has a purpose for this time in our lives. If we don't recognize the season we're in, we're bound to miss the purpose it is meant to serve as well as miss how it should be preparing us for the next season of our lives.

While we wish we were in a constant blooming season with things always going our way, some seasons are challenging and difficult. You may be going through a winter season right now. You may be raising children on your own, or going through a divorce, or walking through a season of illness. Recognize that it's a season, that it's where God has you right now, and that God wants to use everything in this season to keep you moving toward His purpose for your life. Tell yourself that just as winter gives way to spring, there are better days ahead! If you'll be your best as you go through it, you'll get to where you need to be.

You have to be careful to not get stuck in a past season, wishing you could stay there in what you enjoyed or dwelling on pains and regrets that happened there. You have to recognize that people change, situations change, and if you don't truly live in your present season, you're not going to get to the new season God has for you.

It's time to embrace the season, to find out what the season has for you, and to be the very best you can be. Don't waste the season. Squeeze out of it everything you can. Make the changes in your life, move forward, and keep growing. God is going to get you to blooming season in His time, and you are going to become everything God intends you to be.


Suddenly the Door Opens

We've all had times where something didn't work out. We didn't get the promotion, the loan didn't go through, the relationship didn't make it. We did our best—we prayed, we believed, we worked hard—still the door didn't open. But God wouldn't have allowed the door to close if it was going to keep you from your destiny. We may not see how it can work out, but God has not run out of options. The Scripture says, "He opens doors no one can shut, and shuts doors no one can open" (Revelation 3:7). God is your doorkeeper. Other people can't keep you from your purpose; obstacles can't keep you from what God has ordained for you.

It may feel as though you're behind a closed door. You can't seem to get well. You're working hard but not getting ahead in your finances. Relationships keep falling through. Stay encouraged. Those closed doors are not permanent. Your time is coming. The enemy doesn't control your doors. People don't control your doors. Fear, depression, and addictions don't control your doors. The Most High God is your doorkeeper. He's in control of what opens and closes. I believe you're about to see some doors that have been closed a long time suddenly open. You can't explain it, but suddenly your health improves, suddenly the right people show up, suddenly you get the promotion. What happened? The doorkeeper stepped in. Get ready for some open doors.

In John 20, Jesus had just been crucified and risen from the dead. One evening the disciples were huddled together in a room behind locked doors for fear of being arrested. They did everything they could to keep people out. But while they were meeting, Jesus suddenly walked through the door. He didn't unlock it, open it, or try to beat it down. He just came through it. God was showing us that closed doors can't keep us from what He has for us.

People may have shut the door, trying to keep you from promotion. How you were raised may have closed the door, seemingly putting you at a disadvantage. Forces of darkness may have locked the door, trying to keep you from your healing, from your freedom. It's been that way a long time. The door is not only shut but locked with a deadbolt. It could never happen now. The good news is, God comes through doors. He's not limited by what's limiting us. We're natural; He's supernatural. You need to get your fire back. Closed doors can't stop you. God is going to walk right through it. He's not going to let you miss your destiny.


See Beyond

If you're familiar with Abraham's story in the book of Genesis, you know that God led him on a lifelong journey of faith. At one moment in his journey when Abraham could have easily felt he'd made a mistake and become discouraged, God said to him, "Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are—northward, southward, eastward, and westward; for all the land which you see I give to you and your descendants forever" (Genesis 13:14–15). For that promise from God, Abraham had to lift his eyes.

I love the phrase "Lift your eyes" because the lifted eyes became the theme of Abraham's life. God knew that Abraham could easily get his eyes on the difficult things and give up on the journey. He wanted Abraham to lift his eyes so he could see beyond the obstacles and challenges and begin to see his destiny unfold, begin to see what God wanted to do in his life. He wanted Abraham to realize that the process he was going through was what would make into the man of faith that God called him to be.

You are on a journey of faith. If you're going to experience the fullness of God's promises, you have to develop the ability to see beyond where you are right now. It's easy to get stuck in a problem. It's easy to see what didn't work out, what didn't happen, the mistakes you've made, what someone else did to you. It becomes difficult to see the next step sometimes. But when we take our eyes off the problems that are trying to hold us back, we can put them on the promises of God. That's how we're going to rise above where we are right now.

The writer of Hebrews says, "We inherit the promises of God through faith and patience" (Hebrews 6:12). If you find yourself consumed with a problem today, if you're going through a transition in your life, if you're wondering how something is going to work out, it's time to lift your eyes from the problem and set your eyes on the promises. You have to realize that beyond where you are there are greater heights, greater victories, greater strengths, and greater anointings. It's time to shift your perspective to God's promises. I believe that if you won't get stuck, if you won't settle where you are, if you'll continue the process through faith and patience, you will see God's faithfulness and provision. You will see His promises and come to know God in a way you have never known before. You will become everything God wants you to be.