Just Room for One

We all face situations that we don't see how they're going to work out. When the medical report is not good, or we have a setback in our finances, or our child is off course, if we're not careful, we'll let that problem consume us. That's all we think about. We go around feeling worried, stressed out, and can't sleep at night. The whole time God is in control and already has the solution, but the mistake we make too often is to take God off the throne and put our problem on the throne. What you constantly think about, what you're giving all your attention to, you're putting on the throne. When you're always thinking about the greatness of God and go through the day thanking Him, knowing that He's fighting your battles, you're worshipping God. But when you go around worried about how it's going to work out, always thinking about the problem, reliving the offense, stressed over your health, you're worshipping the problem. Your whole outlook would change if you would take the problem off the throne and put God back on the throne.

When David faced Goliath, it's interesting that he never called him a giant. He never said, "He's twice my size and so strong. I don't have a chance." He called Goliath "an uncircumcised Philistine." David downplayed his size because he understood this principle. He didn't put Goliath on the throne. He kept God on the throne. He said to Goliath, "You come against me with a sword and a spear, but I come against you in the name of the Lord of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel" (1 Samuel 17:45).

You may be facing an illness. It's easy to let the medical report play over and over, giving you all the reasons why you're not going to get well. The more you dwell on it, the more discouraged you'll become. You have to take the medical report off the throne. You may be fighting cancer, but don't let cancer get on the throne. Cancer has a name, but there is a higher name. That sickness may be big, but it's no match for our God. Keep Him on the throne. Start thinking about how big your God is. Medical science has limitations; God is limitless. We are natural; God is supernatural. He has all power to do what medicine cannot do. He said the number of your days He will fulfill. But here's the key: if God is not on the throne, you're not giving Him permission. God works where there's an attitude of faith. You can't have God and the medical report on the throne at the same time. There's just room for one.

What's on your throne?


Extraordinary in the Routine

Today I want to remind you that Jesus said, "I came that you may have life, and have it in abundance" (John 10:10). He came so that we could live an abundant live, an extraordinary life, an exceptional life. But too often we take our God-given extraordinary life, and we reduce it down in our thinking to average, mediocre, mundane. Yet God wants you to be extraordinary in your thinking. He wants you to expect more, to strive for more, to go for more because when you're the very best you can be today, your tomorrow will be better. When you prepare for today, you'll be ready for tomorrow's opportunities. When preparation meets opportunity, it's called success. That's what happens when we have an extraordinary mind-set that expects to be full of joy, abundance, creativity and blessing.

Extraordinary begins with who you are. God says you are His masterpiece, an original creation. You have callings and gifts that are matchless. Only you can do what God has called you to do. Only you were created to be you. You were designed uniquely to be extraordinary and to live an extraordinary life.

"But," you say, "my life is so routine and mundane." Yes, all of our lives are filled with routine. We get up in the morning, go to work, come home, make dinner, take care of the kids, pay the bills, go to bed, and do it all over again the next day. However, it is our job to not get stuck in that routine because we were designed to produce extraordinary in the routines of life. Within our routines, we face all kinds of challenges and difficulties, and those are meant to bring something out of us that is extraordinary. When we press though those challenges day after day, it produces extraordinary lessons and extraordinary character in our life. When you are faithful with what God has placed in your hand and you give it your best, you're creating extraordinary, something to be proud of.

In the difficult times and the routine times, stay faithful. God is preparing you. You are passing the test. He wants to give you greater opportunities, a greater life and destiny. You have to live with purpose and get this down in your heart. No matter what you face, on the other side of that difficulty is extraordinary. It is worth putting your best effort into it even when you don't see where the routine is taking you. Then you realize that you have an extraordinary job, an extraordinary family, and an extraordinary life to share with others. You may not see where it's taking you all the time, but it will lead you to extraordinary.


What’s Playing in Your Mind?

There's a recording constantly playing in our mind that's telling us who we are. The problem for some people is that their recording is negative. It's been that way so long they don't realize it. Something is telling them over and over, "You're not attractive…you don't have a good personality…you've made too many mistakes." They don't feel good about themselves because of what's playing. Some of this started back in childhood. Somebody told them they'll never do much in life. A friend of mine told the high school counselor that he wanted to become a doctor, but the counselor told him that he didn't have the skills to do that. My friend was so deflated, and he let that message play over and over and never went after his dreams.

Are you letting what somebody said hold you back? Have you allowed it to become part of the recording that plays in your mind? The good news is, you control your recording. You don't have to let those thoughts keep playing. The key is to turn off the old recording and put on a new one. Here's what should be playing in your mind. "I am talented, valuable, attractive, and blessed. I have a good personality." Pay attention to what's playing in your mind. Don't go through life being against yourself, focused on your faults, and carrying a nagging feeling that's always reminding you of what you're not and how you don't measure up.

Take inventory of what's playing. Delete any defeating thoughts of being unworthy, not good enough. Then put on a new recording. You'll be amazed at what happens when you go through the day playing what God says about you. The psalmist said, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made" (Psalm 139:14). Play the new recording, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I'm a masterpiece. I'm one of a kind. I have seeds of greatness."

David said, "God, You made me in an amazing way. What You have done is wonderful." One version uses the word "marvelous." Imagine going through the day with those words playing in your mind: "I'm amazing. I'm marvelous. I'm wonderful." God wants you to feel right about yourself. When He created you, He stepped back and said, "That was very good." When you look in the mirror in the morning, why don't you say, "Good morning, you amazing thing. Good morning, you fearfully-and-wonderfully-made child of the Most High God." You're not bragging on you; you're bragging on what God has done. When you feel good about yourself, you'll go further, you'll have better relationships, and you'll enjoy life more. It all starts on the inside.