God is a Restorer and Healer!

Brand-New inspiring resource, Dodie Osteen's book Healed of Cancer, and Uplifting Scripture Cards

Today, get a restoration mentality. Maybe you’ve dealt with a setback in your life. Maybe your finances, your emotions, your relationships, or your physical body feels unhealthy. Know that our God is a Restorer and a Healer!

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You Are Healed

When God restores, He doesn’t just bring us out the same; He brings us out better than before. The best way I know how to help you receive this from God is to speak faith into your life.


What's Included?

You are Healed Kit

Inspiring Messages + Healed of Cancer Book + Scripture Cards

In this You Are Healed Kit from Joel Osteen, you’re going to be encouraged and your faith strengthened through these inspiring resources:

• 2 audio messages on God’s healing for your life

• A powerful video testimony from Joel’s mother, Dodie Osteen, about her healing from liver cancer

• Dodie Osteen’s book, Healed of Cancer

• A set of uplifting Scripture cards with healing promises from God’s Word

With a gift of ANY SIZE

What's Included?

You Are Healed Collection

Journal the Word Bible* + 50 Days to Better Living Journal + You Are Healed Kit

These uplifting resources and life-giving promises from God’s Word are going to bless you as you believe for divine health in every area of your life.

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Be Encouraged Today

Victoria and I want to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful we are that you connected with our ministry. Our deepest desire is for you to know God personally and to experience Him every moment of every day. Your best days are ahead, and together we can impact this world with the message of God's hope and love.


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