Think Better, Live Better, by Joel Osteen

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Author, Joel Osteen

Rise Higher!

You may think you've reached your limits, but God has destined you to rise higher. In his new book, Joel will help you to break through your boundaries, push aside your past and experience next-level victory, favor and abundance.

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In his new book, Next Level Thinking, Joel Osteen writes that we weren't created to go through life weighed down by the past. God has destined us to rise higher, to go to the next level.

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Next Level Thinking - by Joel Osteen

Next Level Thinking

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The good news is that people don't determine our destiny-God does. When we leave behind the negative mind-sets, the scarcity mentality, and the limits others have put on us, we'll experience the life of victory, favor, and abundance that was meant for us all along.
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