Thank You Lord for this new day! Thank You for all Your love, goodness, & blessings in my life! Thank You for my family & friends! Help me to bless others & bring glory to Your name! I love you! Amen!

Thank you God for this prayer site that gives so much comfort to people and provides prayer partners to people who may have no one else to turn to. Thank you for all your work in my life God!

Praise You Father for answered prayer.Marlee has been broken free from her bad relationship. My mom's prayers are being answered and so are mine. And for provision for me and my mom. You are awesome!

Thank you Lord for making my desires come true for my family!!! Love you so much!

thank you lord for touching the heart of my brother jerick. and thank you for providing for our finances, oh lord! i praise and thank you for moving in my family's life.