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Receive message #761, Remove The Grave Clothes, for your investment into this ministry. Our hope is that you see God do more in you and through you than you ever dreamed possible!

#761, Remove The Grave Clothes

God’s love for us is relentless, and His grace goes to the most unlikely places and people. But just as God used Jesus to raise Lazarus from the grave, God is counting on us to run after the hurting and to go after the broken. It’s easy to judge others, but underneath the dirt, the mess and bad decisions, there’s a son or a daughter of the Most High God. God is counting on us to represent His love and redemption to those in need. They may be bound on the outside, but like Lazarus, on the inside they’re a person of destiny. They just need someone to help remove the grave clothes. Will you be that person? Take time to make a difference in the lives of those who desperately need it. As you live life as a healer, lifter and a restorer, the seeds you sow will come back to you. You will rise higher and overcome your own obstacles!

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God is always at work in your life, even when you can't see it! He has equipped and empowered you to overcome every challenge so you can walk in His promise of a better life!




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