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Receive message #776, What's On Your Throne, for your investment into this ministry. Our hope is that you see God do more in you and through you than you ever dreamed possible!

#776, What's On Your Throne

God wants to reign in your life in a new way. He wants to show you his favor like you’ve never seen. But are you letting worry, offense, or a problem consume your mind to where you’re not giving God any thought? You see, what you constantly think about or give your attention to, is what you’re putting on the throne. Life is too short to live worried, overwhelmed by problems, and upset. This message will help you live more praise minded as you let God reign over your circumstances and fight your battles. If you will put God on the throne and let Him reign, then He will rain down blessings, favor, healing, and vindication.

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Blessed Not Stressed Set

God doesn't want you to live your life stressed. He wants to pour out His goodness and blessings on you. He wants you to live in peace and at rest. The key is to focus on God's promises and not your problems. In Blessed Not Stressed, Joel Osteen helps you overcome stress and embrace the goodness and blessings God has for you.




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Think Better Live Better

How You Think Determines How You Live!

God didn't create you to live an average, ordinary life. He has something extraordinary in store for you. You're not going to "just get by" or "barely make it"; you're destined for growth, for gain, for greatness! Think about His promises rather than the problems. Get ready for God to take you further than you ever thought possible.