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Have a Story of Victory to Share?

One of the greatest gifts one can give is sharing our faith with others while expressing gratitude to God. We would love to hear what incredible things God has done for you and the many ways He has changed your life! Your story will be a blessing for many who need inspiration and encouragement.

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  • Gabriella Conner Story

    An incredible testimony of how a 10-year-old girl is overcoming her battle against autism – and how attending Lakewood Church and hearing the encouragement and hope found in Jesus Christ from Joel Osteen are changing her life.

    Will and Kim Fuller Story

    After a failed business and bankruptcy in 2004, Will and Kim Fuller were searching for a new financial path to take. Upon hearing a message from Joel in August 2007, Will realized it was time to begin again. Today, the Fullers operate a new business, a new journey of faith into the unknown with God by their side. They have learned that with God all things are possible. He can turn any situation around and give new direction to your life.

    Vinny Forrez Story

    Vinny Forrez is one of the many volunteer firefighters who risked his life for the greater good of saving those in need as a first responder at Ground Zero. In his search for those in need of rescue, he became separated from his group and was all alone, trapped, where he describes as one being in the pit of hell. Yet just when he thought he was at the end of his life, God gave him hope.