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Be Real
Sep 16, 2015
It's easy to go through life wearing a mask, concealing the parts of ourselves that we would rather others not know about. Maybe it's an area we struggle in or thoughts we wish we didn't have that's polluting our spirit. Maybe it's just a little thing that we think isn't hurting anything. But if we are to reach our full God-given potential and live a life of freedom and power, we have to be willing to take an honest look on the inside and deal with the areas that are keeping us from God's best. God promises us in Matthew 5:8 that the pure in heart are blessed! Let this empowering message give you the courage to take inventory of your heart and identify the areas where God is showing you it's time to come up higher. As you do, God will make you and mold you into a vessel of honor to be used for His highest purposes!
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