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Distinctive Favor
Feb 14, 2016
You’re not doing life alone. You have the greatest force in the universe breathing in your direction. When you decide to live your life for God and honor Him, He places something on you that causes you to be different. It’s His favor. This distinctive favor causes you to prosper when others are struggling, you recover from difficulty when others are stuck, you see acceleration when others are plodding along. You see, it’s not just up to your skill, talent and connections; there is a force behind you breathing in your direction, protecting you, guiding you and favoring you. When others are worried, stressed and afraid, you’ll be at peace knowing that you’ve been set apart, and there’s a hedge around you that the enemy cannot cross. This exciting message will inspire you to pray bold prayers and believe for your dreams. God wants to show out in your life in new ways.
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