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Don't Fight It
Jun 09, 2013
We all face situations that we don't like. Somebody is not treating us right, business is not growing as fast as we'd hoped, or we're single and still haven't met anyone. Our natural response is to pray the situation away. But in this eye-opening message, Joel will show you how God sometimes uses our difficulties to teach us, grow us, and even protect us from situations in the future. You can rest assured that God is directing your steps. Nothing is a surprise to Him. If He hasn't changed a situation, then it?s time to enter into His rest and let go of the worry and stress. In your due season, when you're prepared, when it's best for you, God will remove the difficulty and take you to a new level. But in the meantime, one way to show God you're trusting Him is to enjoy your life while God is changing the circumstances. That's getting you prepared for the amazing future God has in store. Let Joel show you how to not only have a vision, but a BIG vision. He'll teach you creative ideas on how to take practical, daily steps to set a vision and then create reminders. It's not enough to just dream it, you need to see it and let a seed take root in your heart. If you'll have a big vision, God will not only do what you're dreaming about, He will do more than you can ask or think.
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