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Showing Honor
Apr 23, 2014
Ephesians 6:2 says, “'Honor your father and mother'—which is the first commandment with a promise—” Everywhere we go, we should look for an opportunity to bring honor to others in our conversations and the way we treat people. Where there is honor, there is promotion. If we would show more honor, we would not only have better relationships, but we would enjoy our life a whole lot more. Want to see change in your life? Show more respect and honor to those in your life. Set out to honor someone - your spouse, a coworker, a friend, your parents. Develop a culture of honor everywhere you go no matter who you come across or where you are. The amount of honor you show will be directly related to the amount of God’s favor you will see. If you will make it a priority to show honor wherever you go, God promises all will be well with you. Because you’re honorable, you will have honor in return and live a blessed, satisfied, prosperous life.
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