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Today Is Your Day!
Feb 09, 2014
"A lot of times, we have faith for the future. We believe that one day we'll get a good break, one day we'll feel better, one day we'll see the problem turn around. If we're not careful, we're always putting our faith off, believing that in the future something good is going to happen. But true faith is always in the present. In this exciting message, Joel will show you why the Bible teaches us to have hope for today and not for tomorrow. You'll learn how to look for God's favor, expand your vision, break down "one day" mentalities and start seeing more of God's favor in your life now. Remember, God wants to be good to you, but He's waiting for you to start expecting His favor and begin looking for His goodness. Today is your day to live with expectancy-where you can't wait to see what God is going to do in your life. "
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