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The Right Recording
Sep 16, 2018
There’s a recording constantly playing in our mind telling us who we are. The problem for some people is their recording is negative. The good news is you can control your recording. Joel wants to show you how you don’t have to let negative thoughts keep playing. You can replace them with God’s voice of victory! 

Just like the negative gets down into your subconscious and holds you back, God’s voice of victory will push you forward. This message will help you pay attention to what’s playing in your mind. Don’t go through life being against yourself, focused on all your faults, feeling inferior, thinking, “nothing good is going to happen.” Learn to replace the negative with God’s voice of victory! You’ll be amazed at what happens in your life when you go through the day playing in your mind what God says about you. 

When you declare, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I’m a masterpiece, I’m one of a kind, I have seeds of greatness.” Your life will change in amazing powerful ways. Your seeds of greatness will flourish and you will become all that God has created you to be!
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