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A mountain range with the sun peeking out from behind the landscape


January 2022 - 2022 Today’s Word Devotional Calendar

Friend, His best days for you are always in your future. You’re going to come out healthier, stronger, promoted, increased. What God has in front of you is more fulfilling, more rewarding, than anything you’ve seen in the past!

There is a fight for your future.


You may be feeling that today. But here is the good news. You are not alone. It’s not your battle. God is fighting for you!


When storms rage like they have in weeks past, when opposition looks too big, don’t worry, God controls the wind. He overrides every negative force.


There is no storm too strong that God can’t calm. No giant too big that He can’t defeat. If you’ll trust that He will get you through, you’re going to see the victory.