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You Are A Friend of God
By Joel Osteen - Oct 26, 2017

Believe It, Proclaim, Sing It

In this age where relationships are as disposable as razors and fast-food containers, and friendships are about as fair-weather as Seattle, here’s something to consider with your fries and your latte: You are a friend of God.

Try it. Say it a few times: “I am a friend of God.” Say it a few more times. Anything happen?

Most of us have grown up with a thought of what God looks like. To me, He always resembled a sterner version of Santa Claus. You know — without the “Ho ho ho.” I envisioned Him carrying some kind of oversized baseball bat for kids like me who tended toward mischief, and at any time I could be whacked upside the head and disqualified from ever being pleasing to Him. Then again, I was the only black kid in a white family, in a Hispanic church, so, naturally, my life wasn’t exactly normal.


Believe It
The songs of the church tend to shape our theology as well. “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” was one that always got me thinking, I’ve got friends, but if the only way I can prove that we’re friends is if they crucify me, then forget it!

Most times we draw on eternal truth with a flimsy, earthly example and miss the moment. Please don’t miss this one.

You did not sneak into this earth, or accidentally show up in life to see if things might possibly work out for you. Psalm 139 states that God knew your substance before He ever formed you — your personality, your style, you! And you are fearfully and wonderfully made — meticulously crafted with detailed care. One biblical writer says, “For [God] created everything, and it is for [His] pleasure that they exist and were created.”

Proclaim It
God takes great delight when we understand why we are here: for relationship, companionship and certainly friendship with Him. “Greater love has no one than this,” Jesus once said, “that he lay down his life for his friends. You are My friends if you do what I command.”

Sing It
So it’s one thing to drop Jesus’ name when it’s convenient and say He’s a friend, and another thing altogether when He drops your name and says, “You are My friend.”

Well, whom did He die for? Not just the clergy or the popular or the good — looking or the elite. No, He died for every living, breathing soul on the planet. That includes wonderful you!

So in this age of disposable relationships, take solitude in this phrase as you say it and sing it: “I am a friend of God. He calls me friend.”

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