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Break the Yoke of Average
By Joel Osteen - Aug 21, 2015

God never created you to be ordinary. He created you to leave your mark on this generation. He wants you to go further than anyone in your family. You have seeds of greatness on the inside.

I declare that yoke of average that's been around your neck is coming off. God is about to thrust you to a new level of destiny. It's going to be exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond. You're going to see the yoke-destroying, burden-removing power of our God like never before. This is a new day. Yokes of depression that have robbed you of your happiness are being destroyed. Yokes of sickness and chronic pain are being destroyed. Yokes of fear, lack of confidence and intimidation are being destroyed. That yoke of compromise that keeps getting passed down—"like father, like son"—no, they're being destroyed. From now on, it's going to be "like heavenly Father, like son."

If you will receive this into your spirit and not talk yourself out of it, it will ignite your faith and become a reality. Then reinforce the truth by meditating on the Word of God. Declare, "This is my destiny. Something new is being birthed. Yokes are coming off of me. Chains are being broken. I am stepping into the fullness of my destiny in Jesus' name!"

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