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Defining Moments
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 27, 2015

We all have defining moments in our lives—experiences that shape who we are and our perspective on the world. We can have defining moments in our relationships, in our careers and with God.

All throughout our lives, God draws us to Himself in various ways. He chose us long before we ever chose Him, and He is constantly calling us to His heart. In defining moments with God, He reveals Himself to us and empowers us to live the life of victory He has planned.

I've had many defining moments in my life when I knew God was speaking directly to my heart. I remember one evening back when I was in college. I was studying with a friend at her kitchen table when I overheard a conversation between her mother and her aunt on the other side of the room. They were discussing a particular passage of scripture in the Bible, and as they talked, it was like they were shouting across the room, even though they weren't.

"Did you hear that?" I enthusiastically asked my friend. 

"Hear what?" she said, looking up from her notes. "What are you talking about, Victoria? I didn't hear a thing."

"You didn't hear that scripture about how God wants us to really understand His love and to be passionate about it?" I was amazed that she hadn't noticed the conversation across the room.

She shook her head and looked back at her notes. Meanwhile, I sat there in awe. Those words were so clear. I felt that God was speaking directly to me in a very special way. Those words became alive in my heart in a way I hadn't experienced before. It was a defining moment in my life when I knew God was drawing me to Him.

Right now, I believe God is drawing you to Himself in a special way, too. You can probably look back over your life and see defining moments when He was speaking to your heart. Meditate on those times. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself in a fresh, new way. Look for His hand guiding and directing you and allow Him to reveal His love and goodness to you!

"He reveals deep and secret things…" (Daniel 2:22, NKJV)

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