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Dig a Ditch
By Joel Osteen - Apr 15, 2016

In Second Kings chapter three, scripture talks about a time when the people were in a serious drought with no sign of relief anywhere in sight. They lived in a valley that didn't get much rain to begin with, so lack of rain was devastating. The prophet Elijah instructed the people to do something that seemed very odd. He told them to dig ditches in the valley to prepare to catch the rain water that was coming. Most of us today would have said, "Now, Elijah, we are in a valley that never gets any rain, and we're also in the middle of a drought. Why should we dig ditches? If we see some dark clouds or signs of rain, then maybe we'll dig some ditches, but not now." But Elijah told the people, "If you want to see rain, you have to dig the ditches first." So the people dug the ditches, and the next day, they were filled to overflowing. The drought had ended. 

In scripture, rain represents blessing, favor and increase. This passage shows us that when we "dig ditches," so to speak, when we make preparations for God's goodness, we set ourselves up for a downpour of blessing. How do we "dig ditches?" By obeying His Word. By giving God praise. Every time you say, "Father, thank You that I'm blessed," you are digging a ditch. You're making preparation for the blessings that will follow. When you say, "Lord, thank You that I'm strong and healthy," you're digging another ditch. You're preparing for God to fill you with health, strength and vitality. When you say, "Father, thank You that my children make good decisions, that they will fulfill their destiny,"—even when there may not be any sign of it right now, you are preparing the way. Don't be moved by what you see. Don't be moved by negative thinking. Those thoughts may tell you, "It's never going to work out. You've had this addiction since you were in high school. You're always going to be in a drought." No, shake that off and just keep digging that ditch. Keep thanking God that you're free, thanking God for His goodness, thanking God for His favor. If you will do your part and dig the ditches, God is saying, "I'll do My part and bring the rain. I'll help you break addictions. I'll open up new doors. I'll show you favor. I'll heal your body. I'll restore your marriage." 

Today, look with your eyes of faith. There are rain clouds forming. You may be in a drought, but just keep giving God praise. Remember, praise is more than just singing a song. It's more than just something we do on Sundays. Praise is an attitude. All throughout the day, you're grateful. Under your breath, you're constantly whispering, "Lord, I love You. Thank You for this day. Thank You for my family. Thank You that I'm healthy." When you have this continual attitude of praise, it's like you're always digging ditches. Keep praising, keep believing and keep making preparations because God is going to bring the rain of His blessing and do a brand new thing in every area of your life!
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