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Do This Daily
By Victoria Osteen - Jun 03, 2016

Have you encouraged anyone today? The Bible says to encourage one another daily. This tells me that encouragement should become a habit in our lives. 

Growing up, my mother was a great encourager. She always taught my brother and me to go out of our way to find out what others needed and make spiritual deposits into them. When I look back over my life, the best part is the fact that I can encourage people, and I believe that I am standing in some blessings today because I've always been an encourager. It's something I was taught and am able to pass on to others.

Maybe no one taught you to be an encourager, and you may find it more difficult. But God says to encourage one another daily, which tells me He has put a heart of encouragement into each of us. We all can develop a heart of encouragement. It may just take a little practice.

The best place to be an encourager is in your own home. If you make your home an environment of encouragement, I believe that you'll see peace and blessings in your life like you never expected. I believe your life will go to another level. I believe that if husbands and wives would encourage one another, families will rise higher. 

When Joel and I were newly married, I would study him and watch what he was good at. I would thank him and encourage him. I'd read my Bible, and when a scripture would jump out at me, I'd write it down and leave it where he would see it, like by his bedside table or in the bathroom. One scripture that I would encourage him with says, "You will serve before nobles and not before obscure men." I didn't even know at the time what that would mean to him or me, but since then, he's told me the fact that I believed in him brought tremendous strength into his life.

Always remember, the people who are closest to you need your encouragement the most. Go out of your way to encourage your loved ones daily. Make those spiritual deposits and watch how God pours out His abundant blessing in your life in return! 

"Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called 'Today'..." (Hebrews 3:13, NIV)
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