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Dust Off Your Dream
By Joel Osteen - Mar 04, 2016

We all have things that we're believing for, something that we want to accomplish. Deep down, we know it's a part of our destiny. We can feel it so strongly. But then, we hit some setbacks. Maybe you didn't get the promotion you wanted, maybe the medical report wasn't good or a relationship didn't work out. Life has a way of pushing down our dreams. Our dreams can be buried under discouragement or past mistakes. There are dreams buried under divorce and low self-esteem. It's easy to settle for mediocrity even though we have all this potential buried on the inside.

Just because you gave up doesn't mean God gave up. Your dream may be buried, but the good news is that it's still alive. It's not too late to see it come to pass. We've all been through disappointments and setbacks. Life happens. But instead of remembering the hurt, the pain or what didn't work out, the key to reaching your destiny is to remember your dream. Remember what God promised you. Remember what He whispered to you in the middle of the night. The scripture calls it "the secret petitions of our heart," the things you haven't told anybody about. It may seem impossible. Every voice tells you that it's not going to happen. You've been pushing it down, but God is saying, "What I promised you, I'm still going to do. I spoke it to you. It may not have happened yet, but I am true to My Word. It is on the way." 

If you'll do your part and start believing again and get your passion back, God is going to resurrect what you thought was dead. Dreams that you'd given up on are going to suddenly come back to life. Problems that looked permanent are going to suddenly turn around. What should have taken years, God's going to do in a fraction of the time. He hasn't changed His mind. He has the final say.

Now don't let circumstances talk you out of it. You may not understand why a business didn't make it, why a person walked away, why you came down with an illness. You were doing the right thing, but the wrong thing happened. It's all a part of the process--every disappointment, every delay, every closed door. It's not just a setback; it's a setup for God to get you to where you're supposed to be.

If your dream has been buried under the disappointments of the past, it's time to dust it off and dare to dream again!

"Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus." (Phil 1:6, NIV)
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