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Focus On The Big Picture
By Victoria Osteen - Dec 29, 2016

A while back, I was visiting with a friend of mine who had just come back from her vacation. She had just returned from a wonderful cruise with her family that they had been saving for and planning for months. This trip had been especially meaningful because she was able to visit with some of her extended family that she had not seen in over a year.

She was sharing her photos with me from her trip, and they were filled with images of the fabulous cruise ship, beautiful sandy beaches, charming island shops, and lots of happy faces. But before long, I noticed an uncomfortable expression on my friend's face, and she began to complain about her appearance in the pictures. "Oh, I don't like that picture of me…and that one is awful, too." She had something negative to say about herself in every single picture. Just a few moments earlier, she was so excited, but as soon as she changed her focus to what she saw as her flaws, she completely lost her joy and missed the beauty of reliving those wonderful moments.

We all have times when it's difficult to see the big picture because we single out what we think is wrong about our lives. I find this especially true around the holiday season. So many people focus on what they don't have instead of what they do have. We have to remember to take a step back and look at all the wonderful blessings that surround us! Don't let little imperfections steal your joy and rob the beauty of the moments God has given. 

You know, I'm sure one day my friend will look back on her vacation pictures and think, Wow, I looked pretty good! Don't wait until tomorrow; start looking at God's goodness in your life today! Make the most of every moment by focusing on the big picture!

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