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Getting Younger
By Joel Osteen - Jan 31, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, our daughter, Alexandra, was comparing a copy of my first book from ten years ago with a copy of my newest book, Break Out. She was looking at the cover photos and said, "Wow, Daddy! You look better today than you did ten years ago." And I jokingly said, "What would you like me to buy you?"

But do you know how many times I have said, "I'm getting stronger, healthier and wiser? My youth is being renewed like the eagles." Every time you say something, you are moving toward it. But if you're always saying, "Man, I'm so out of shape, I'll never lose this weight," you're moving toward the wrong thing.

A gentleman told me a few weeks ago, "Joel, when you get old, it's all downhill." He looked to be about 70 years old. He was declaring, "I'm going down." He was prophesying poor health, lack of vision, hard of hearing into his future. If he keeps that up, he'll keep moving toward it. By the way he looked, he had already been saying it for a long time!

I realize we're all going to get old. We're all eventually going to die, but don't make plans to go downhill! Don't start speaking defeat over your life. Moses was 120 years old and the scripture says, "His eye was not dim, his natural strength not abated." At 120, he was healthy, strong and had good vision! He had a clear memory and a strong, sharp mind.

Here's what I'm saying: In spite of how you feel, in spite of what's been passed down in your family line, every day you need to declare, "Everything about me is getting better and better: my bones, my joints, my ligaments, my blood, my organs, my memory, my vision, my hearing, my talent, my skill, my looks, my skin. My youth is being renewed. Like Moses, I will finish my course with my eye not dim, my natural strength not abated." Talk like that and move toward renewed youth, health, energy and vitality!

"He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagle's!" (Psalm 103:5, NLT)

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