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Giving Back To God
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 10, 2017

One day, Joel and I were walking in the park talking about the goodness of God. I was talking about how I was so happy and felt so overwhelmed by God's blessings. When I think about our family and the opportunities before us, when I think about what a great privilege it is to share the message of hope with so many people I am so grateful! As I was sharing my heart with Joel, I heard myself say, "What can I possibly do to repay Him?"

Later on as I thought about it, I knew that of course I could never do anything that equals what God has done for me. However, I thought I would look in the bible for someone else who felt this way. I found what David said in Psalm 116:12, "What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?" That's exactly what I was thinking, "How can I repay God for His blessings?" Then David said, "I will take up the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord."

Wow. David was saying, "My gift back to God is to receive what God has done for me." The way David was going to repay God, so to speak, and show his gratitude was by taking ahold of everything God had in store. Understand this: David didn't know Christ. Jesus hadn't come to earth yet. David could only see the foreshadowing of what was to come and what was foretold in scripture. In our day, now that we've seen the fulfillment of the promise, how much more can you and I take hold of this free gift of salvation? Salvation isn't just about eternity, it's about how we live now. Yes, Jesus saved us from our sins and from going to hell, but he's also saved us from sickness, poverty, lack, despair, and everything that is contrary to His promises. Salvation is total victory now and forevermore!

Remember, the greatest way to show your gratitude to God is by walking and living in His blessings. Receive everything that He has for you today. Receive salvation, receive His grace. Receive His hope and victory. Walk in promises because that's how you can live giving back to God!
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