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God is Looking for You
By Joel Osteen - Jan 24, 2014

In John chapter 9, Jesus was traveling through a village. He saw a man on the side of the road who was blind. The man didn’t call out to Jesus. He wasn’t like blind Bartimaeus who said, "Please Jesus, have mercy and heal me." This man was just quietly sitting there, and Jesus went to him.

Now throughout the scripture, there are examples where people used their faith, reached out to God and received their miracle. The woman with the issue of blood fought her way through the crowd, touched the edge of Jesus’ robe, and she was instantly made whole. The lepers cried out, "Jesus, please heal us." Jesus healed them. An army captain came and said, "Jesus, if You’ll just speak the Word, my little daughter at home that’s so sick will be healed." Jesus spoke and the daughter was well. These people all initiated their miracle. They reached out in faith and saw God’s goodness.

God is so merciful and loving. There are times like this blind man when we don’t have the faith, when we don’t reach out, that God reaches out to us. If it would have just been dependent on our faith, on what we believe, on what we’re asking for, Jesus would have never stopped to help this blind man. He didn’t show any signs of faith. He was just sitting there minding his own business, yet Jesus went to him.

It’s interesting that Jesus didn’t even say anything to him. He didn’t try to figure out if the man had faith. He didn’t try to figure out what he believed. Jesus simply made some mud, put it on the blind man’s eyes, and told him to go wash it off in the pool of Salome. Some friends led him to the pool, he washed it off, and his eyes were instantly opened. He could see perfectly clear. I can imagine, for the first time, he looked out and saw the puffy cloud in the sky. For the first time, he looked down and saw a beautiful flower. No doubt, he ran home as fast as he could, and for the first time, he saw his children, his wife. That night, he looked up into the sky. For the first time, he saw the stars twinkling, the moonlight glimmering off of the lake. What happened? God showed him something he had never seen, and God wants to do the same thing for you!

Maybe you think that you’ve reached your limits. Maybe the medical report doesn’t look good. Now you’ve settled there. You’ve been single a long time; you don’t think you’ll ever meet the right person. Or you took a step of faith, but the business, the charity, the project didn’t make it. Now you don’t see how you could accomplish your dreams. But like this man, when we don’t have the faith, even when we think it’s impossible and say, "Joel, it’s too late, I tried; I failed. It’s never going to happen," God is going to come looking for you and show you His favor like you’ve never seen!

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