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God Will Fight Your Battles If...
By Joel Osteen - Jun 03, 2016

In scripture, when the Israelites were delivered from Pharaoh's captivity, they set out toward the Promised Land. Shortly after they left Egypt, Pharaoh changed his mind and sent his army chasing after them. The Israelites ended up at a dead end at the Red Sea. They had nowhere to go. It looked like they would certainly be recaptured or maybe even killed. They began to panic. Scripture says they were terrified and said, "Moses, why did you bring us out here in the desert to die?"

Moses knew if they would have stayed upset, fearful and worried, that would have stopped God from working. He said to the people, "Don't be afraid, the Lord will fight for you if you hold your peace and remain at rest." Notice there was a condition. God will fight your battles if you'll stay at rest. If you'll quit worrying about the medical report, if you'll quit being upset over the contract you didn't get, if you'll quit being stressed by those people who are talking about you. If you'll remain at rest, God will fight your battles.

I'm asking you today to identify the peace stealers in your life. What's causing you to be stressed? Are you carrying a load that you're not supposed to carry? Are you allowing someone to dump their burdens on you, trying to be the savior? Turn that over to God. Don't let them pull you out of rest. Are you allowing traffic, people or a grouchy boss to upset you? They may not change, but you can change.

Life is too short to let peace stealers determine our destiny. If you'll make this decision with me that you're going to live at rest, you'll not only enjoy your life more, but I believe and declare God will do for you what He did for the Israelites. He'll part Red Seas; He'll restore your health, and He'll bring vindication, promotion and the fullness of your destiny. He'll fight your battles if you'll remain at rest!

"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still." (Exodus 14:14 NIV)
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