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He’ll Launch You Further than You Ever Dreamed
By Joel Osteen - Feb 26, 2016

Scripture tells us that growing up, David spent most of his time out in the shepherd's fields taking care of sheep. Nobody paid attention to him. He had big dreams, but he didn't have any connections. His father didn't really believe in him. His brother's certainly didn't either. But all of those years out in the lonely shepherd's fields, God was carrying him. One day his time came. He went out and defeated Goliath, and overnight, he became a national hero. He went from being an unknown shepherd boy to being an admired, respected leader. That should have taken him years, but God caused it to happen in a fraction of the time. Just a few minutes of destiny, defeating that giant, propelled him years down the road. What was that? God launching him forward. 

You might say, "Well, I don't think God's ever going to launch me out. I've had a lot of bad breaks. I've gone through a lot of disappointments in life." Think of it like this: When you have a bow and arrow, the more you pull the arrow back, the further it's going to shoot. If you just pull it back a little ways, if there's no pressure, no tension, it's not going to go very far. The reason you've been pulled back is not because God is trying to punish you, not because there's nothing good in your future. God has allowed you to be pulled back because He's about to shoot you further than you can imagine!

Your destiny is much bigger than you realize. Like David, you may feel like you're falling behind because of disappointments, breaks, loss and setbacks. You don't think you could ever get to where you're supposed to be. Let me encourage you, when God shoots you out, it's going to make up for lost time. The doors God's going to open, the people you're going to meet, the opportunities that are going to come across your path are going to be bigger, better and more rewarding than you ever thought possible. When you're being pulled back, don't get negative or bitter. Turn it around, "God, I may not like it; I may be uncomfortable; these people aren't treating me right, but God I know it's just a matter of time before You release me and launch me out further than I ever dreamed!"

"You will advance, coming on like a storm..." (Ezekiel 38:9, ESV)
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