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He'll Put in a Good Word for You!
By Joel Osteen - Mar 21, 2014

In Scripture, there was a lady who had a son that got sick and died. She was a friend of the prophet Elisha. Elisha came to her home, prayed for the little boy, and he came back to life. It was an amazing miracle! Sometime later, there was a famine in the land. This same lady had to leave her home and property in Israel and move to the land of the Philistines. Years went by and the famine was over. This lady decided to go back to her home there in Israel, but when she got there, somebody was living in her house, farming her property. It wasn't right. She went to see the king. He had the power to correct things. She didn't know what the king would think. After all, she had been gone for a long time. He could have said, "Too bad. You lost your rights when you left. Don't bother me. It's not my problem." He could have been uninterested. But it just so happened that when she went, there was a man with the king by the name of Gehazi. Gehazi was Elisha's main assistant, his right hand man. The king asked Gehazi to tell him some stories about the miracles that Elisha had performed. Gehazi started telling the story about the woman who had a son that was sick and how he died and Elisha prayed and the boy came back to life.

In Second Kings chapter eight verse five, it says that at the very moment he was telling the story, the mother walked in to talk to the king about her property. If she would have walked in a day earlier, it wouldn't have done any good. If she would have walked in an hour earlier, it wouldn't have mattered. But she walked in right on cue. Just like a director watching the play, knowing the script, God was saying, "Don't go just yet. Wait another moment. Let him tell the climax. Let him tell the miracle. Now go!" The woman walked in at the most impactful time.

When Gehazi saw her coming through the doors, he nearly passed out. He said, "King, that's the woman I'm talking about right there! It was her son." The king looked at her and said, "Are you the one?" She said, "Yes, I am." She went on to tell about her dilemma of her home and property. The king looked at his assistant and said, "You make sure she gets her home back, her property back plus all the funds that were made off that land while she was gone."

Friend, when God puts in a good word for you, it's going to be exceedingly, abundantly above and beyond. But think about this: Elisha performed a lot of miracles. Gehazi could have told about the time Elisha prayed and contaminated water was made pure, or the time God blinded the enemies and they didn't recognize Elisha. There were plenty of other choices, but it just so happened that he told about this mother who was on her way to see the king. That's the hand of God orchestrating it all.

When you go out this week, have confidence because you are not alone. God Almighty is directing your steps. Wherever you go, whoever you meet, trust that God has already lined up the right people, and He has put in a good word for you!

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