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His Favor Can Do What You Can't!
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 02, 2016

Scripture tells us about a man named Nehemiah who was a cup bearer in the king's house. He didn't come from notoriety. He wasn't wealthy or influential, but he had a desire, a passion to see the walls of the city of Jerusalem rebuilt. This was the city of his ancestors, and the walls were in shambles.

Nehemiah couldn't shake this burden, so he went to the king and shared his idea. Not only did the king grant him time off to go and oversee this massive project, he also sent resources and building materials with him. Nehemiah was able to round up the mighty men to build the walls. Amazingly, what should have taken a year or two, Nehemiah accomplished in 52 days. It was acceleration for Nehemiah! 

What was that? It was the gracious hand of God's favor in Nehemiah's life. And you, too, have God's gracious hand of favor in your life. Don't ever forget it! When God breathed His life into you, He gave you the right resources, the right friends, the right connections. He gave you an advantage. He gave you His favor. God is looking for men and women who truly believe they have the favor of God in their lives because He wants to do something incredible in this day and age. Don't just look at what you have in your hand. Look at almighty God and realize that it's His strength that's going to bring the impossible things to pass. Every day you wake up, be willing to receive His favor because His favor can do what you can't!

"For it is You who bless the righteous man, O Lord, You surround him with favor as with a shield." (Psalm 5:12, NASB)
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