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Honoring Our Country's Hidden Heroes
By Joel Osteen - May 22, 2015

This week, I was so honored to speak at the Hidden Heroes Military Caregivers Awareness breakfast on Capitol Hill organized by the Elizabeth Dole Foundation which is a coalition, founded by former Sen. Elizabeth Dole, designed to raise awareness about the struggles facing military and veteran caregivers.

Over 5.5 million Americans have devoted their lives to caring for loved ones suffering debilitating health conditions that have resulted from their military service. Spouses, mothers, fathers, and other family members and friends have halted their lives in order to care for their loved ones. Oftentimes, they can't take a break from their all-consuming responsibilities to attend church or seek a pastor's guidance. That's why I'm so grateful for the work that Elizabeth Dole and her foundation are doing to bring awareness to these needs.

Today, I want to urge all churches and members to reach out into your community and help support these Hidden Heroes, the caregivers who are often overlooked. Millions around us face incredible struggles and battle depression while working 40 hours a week or more to care for their friends or family members. We can be the hope and light they so desperately need.

Join me to help get the word out so that together we can embrace these families and find solutions. When we reach out to help these families, it's one way we can say thank you for their service to our country. Remember, together, we are the hands and feet of Jesus. When we serve others, God says it's as if we are directly serving Him.

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