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How Do You Know Love is Growing?
By Victoria Osteen - Oct 16, 2015

Think about the first time you ever fell in love or the first time you saw your child. That love seemed so powerful in that moment. New love is all-consuming. We think, "This is it! I could never love more than I do right now!" But did you know that love can grow? Paul prayed in Philippians 1:9 that our love would grow in knowledge and depth of insight. How do we know our love is growing?

First of all, we have to consider that our love goes through seasons. We all change as we grow. The person you love is going to change, and so you have to have insight into that other person. What they needed yesterday may not be what they need today. Your love has to adapt to what they need.

Think about how a baby grows. They need milk at first, but at some point, they need solid food. The parents have to adapt to the needs of the child so they can grow healthy and strong. They have to have insight into what that child needs. In the same way, if we want our relationships to grow strong, we have to have insight into the changing needs of the other person. That's one way to know that your love is growing.

Another way to know your love is growing is by using two simple words, "Forgive me." Those two words can change the atmosphere of your home. Every person needs to both give and receive forgiveness in relationships. We are all going to make mistakes. We may not do it intentionally. The other person in your life may not have hurt you intentionally. We need to make allowances for one another and be willing to overlook offenses. If you can forgive other people, you know that your love is growing.

Today, consider the relationships in your life. Be willing to adapt to what others need. Be willing to forgive and say, "I'm sorry." Let your love grow in knowledge and depth of insight so that your relationships can grow and be all that God intended them to be!

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