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Let Expectation Carry You Through
By Joel Osteen - Dec 30, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close and you reflect on the events of the past year, I want to remind you that we serve a God of increase and blessing who takes us from glory to glory! That means no matter what happened in 2016, don't go into 2017 with a barely-get-by mentality. Don't look for 2017 to be "good enough;" look for 2017 to be "more than enough!" Remember, you set the tone for the year by setting your expectancy.

Expectancy is a powerful force. One time, I read this study that was done with people who needed arthroscopic knee surgery. These people had knees that were worn down and needed to have the joint cleaned out. With permission from the family, on a certain number of patients, instead of performing the surgery, the doctors simply put the patients under anesthesia and made three tiny incisions around the knee.

Of course, when the patient woke up, he or she thought they had the full surgery. What's interesting is that two years later, the patients who had the fake surgery reported just as much relief from the pain as the patients that had the actual surgery. And it wasn't just in their minds. When the doctors examined their knees, they could see that their knees did, in fact, improve. The doctors' conclusion was that since the brain expected the knee to get better, it got better. The thoughts of expectancy helped the body to heal.

Scripture tells us that when we believe, all things are possible. The problem is, too many people allow their circumstances to shape their faith instead of the Word of God.

Realize today that even if you don't feel blessed, if you'll get into agreement with God and see yourself blessed, you're going to move toward His promises. Your brain is going to say, "Come on now. Let's get going and move toward blessing." In the natural, your dream may look impossible, but look out through your eyes of faith and see yourself moving toward it.

As we approach the coming New Year, be determined to set your expectations in the direction of His promises. Declare His Word over your life and over your home. Tune out the distractions of the world and set your heart and mind above. Let His Word feed your faith and set your expectations for blessing and victory in this New Year!

Please know that Victoria and I love you and pray God's richest blessings over you and your family as we celebrate the start of 2017!
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