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Lift Up Your Eyes
By Victoria Osteen - Feb 09, 2016

Abraham started out on a journey with God. He went with his nephew, Lot, and both of their families and cattle. They reached a point in the journey where he and Lot had to part ways. Abraham told Lot to pick the land in whichever direction he wanted to go. So Lot looked out and took the very best part of the Land. I'm sure Abraham was discouraged. I'm sure he wondered what was in store for him. After Lot departed, God spoke to Abraham and said, "Lift up your eyes! Look as far as you can see in every direction—north, south, east and west. This is the land I will give you." At that moment, Abraham had a choice to make. He could look down at the dirt where he was, or he could lift up his eyes to see what God had in store for the future.


Several times in scripture, Abraham had to lift up his eyes. It was sort of the theme of his life. He made the choice to look up and see the promises of God; and when he changed what he was looking at, he changed his circumstances. Every day we have the same choice to make, too. We can look at our circumstances, we can focus on the dirt under our feet, or we can lift up our eyes and look beyond to the greatness God has in store. 

It's easy to get comfortable where we are, but God wants us to stretch, grow and experience new things. If you don't like where you are today, take a step of faith! Lift up your eyes, look up, and take hold of the promises God has in store for your future!

"Lift up your eyes and look from the place where you are…" (Gen 13:14, ESV)

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