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Making Sure There's Enough
By Victoria Osteen - Jan 22, 2016

Last August, we were in San Francisco for our America's Night of Hope event. We went to the stadium the day before and took a tour of the facility with the manager. He was showing us all the features of the stadium and the beautiful grounds. We walked out from under an awning and ended up right out to the middle of the stadium. I stood there taking in the spectacular site and noticed all these birds out on the field. I turned to the manager and asked, "What are all these birds doing on the field?" He said, "See those brown patches of grass? We want the grass to grow evenly so every day our workers go out and throw some grass seeds to fill in the brown patches. When we throw the seeds, the birds come to eat. But that's okay because we always throw out more seed than what they can eat. There's always enough to take care of the field."

As I thought about what he said, it made me think about how we all have some brown patches in our lives, so to speak. We all have areas where we want to see growth. Maybe you have something you want to develop in your life or a habit you want to break. Well nothing is going to change until you throw out some seed. You have to take a step of faith and put some action behind what you're believing for.

The distractions of life may come and try to eat your seed just like those birds, but if you keep sowing seed, you'll get ahead. Birds of offense can come, birds of doubt; just keep sowing! If you make sure there's more than enough seed out there, you'll have more than enough harvest coming in! You might be thinking, "I've tried that in the past. Things still haven't worked out." Well this is a new year and you need to throw out some new seed! This is the year of acceleration. No matter how many birds come, your potential to grow is so much greater. Remember, God is the one who brings the harvest. When you keep sowing seed, He'll keep making sure there is more than enough for every area of your life! 

"In the morning sow your seed, and at evening withhold not your hand, for you do not know which will prosper, this or that, or whether both alike will be good" (Ecclesiastes 11:6, ESV).
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