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Now You Are The Son
By Joel Osteen - Aug 25, 2017

The other day, a repairman came to our house to fix the air conditioner. When he came in, he didn't sit down on the couch and make himself at home. He went straight to the air conditioner and fixed the problem. But when my son, Jonathan, comes in, he doesn't ask for permission to watch TV or get something to eat; he acts as though he owns the place. The truth is, he does. He's my son. Everything I have is his, and he's confidently bold in what belongs to him.

It's easy to have the wrong image of ourselves. Rather than seeing ourselves as sons and daughters of God, too many times we've developed a slave mentality. We live as though we're at a disadvantage. We don't pray bold prayers, we don't believe for our dreams, and we don't expect good breaks. Some people don't think they deserve to be blessed because they've made too many mistakes, been through too much, or come from the wrong family. They may not say it, but they live as slaves to mediocrity, to lack, to addictions. As long as you have a slave mentality, it will limit your life. 

The Scripture says, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God" (1 John 3:2 KJV). You may have had a lot of negative things come against you, but you are not a slave; you're a son. Sons think differently than slaves. You may struggle with an addiction, but a son says, "I have a right to be free." You may have made mistakes, but a son doesn't live feeling guilty and condemned; he receives mercy and moves forward. A son doesn't give up and settle for mediocrity when obstacles block his path or situations are unfair. When you know you're a son or daughter of the Most High God, you'll have a boldness, a confidence. You'll expect God's favor. You'll believe for doors to open for you that may not open for someone else. Why? Because you're not a slave, or a hired worker, or a friend of the family. You're a son. Sons have advantages. Sons receive favor from their father.

Stop thinking as a slave and start thinking as a son. Stop thinking about what you were, what you've been through, the mistakes you've made, and start thinking about who you are. You are free, you are blessed, you are a masterpiece, you are favored, you are a child of Almighty God!
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