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Prepare For Abundance!
By Joel Osteen - Jan 06, 2017

The only thing the widow had that was of any value was a small pot of cooking oil. The prophet Elisha showed up at her house and told her to do something that seemed strange. He said, "Go out to the neighbors and borrow as many big, empty pots as you can to hold oil." He said specifically, "Borrow not a few. Get as many as you can." He was saying in effect, "Don't shortchange yourself. Make room for abundance."

The widow went out and borrowed some pots. I can imagine she found five or six of these big, empty pots. When she came home Elisha told her to pour her oil into one of the empty containers. It appeared as though she would just transfer it from one container to the other, but the scripture says, "Her oil never ran out." She kept pouring and pouring. God supernaturally multiplied it until all of those containers were completely filled.

Here's my point: She was the one who determined how much oil she would have. If she would have borrowed one container, she would have one extra container full. If she would have borrowed ten, she would've had ten full. If she would've borrowed 50, she would've had 50 full. It wasn't up to God how much she increased; God has unlimited supplies. It was up to her. That's why the prophet said, "Borrow not a few."

My question today is, "How many containers are you borrowing?" What kind of vision do you have for this new year? Some people have a barely-get-by container. They think, "Oh, man. Business is so slow. I'm hoping to just make it through this year." They've got a tiny little container. God says, "Alright. I'll fill your "barely-get-by" container." Some, like this lady, have five or six containers. You're believing to pay your bills, feed your family and have a little bit left over. That's good. God will fill those containers. I want to challenge you, go find another pot, so to speak. Make room for increase. Be expecting just a little more for this year than you saw last year. God is saying, "You need to get ready. I'm going to fill your containers!"

Like this woman, God wants to bless you beyond your normal income, beyond your salary, beyond your retirement. God can give you one good break, one promotion, one idea, one inheritance and all those containers are filled to overflowing. Now make sure you don't shortchange yourself. "Borrow not a few." Get ready, get your hopes up, get your faith up, and prepare for abundance!
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