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Presenting Your Case
By Victoria Osteen - Aug 14, 2015

The other day, I was in the customer service line at a store waiting to return something I had purchased. The woman in front of me was taking a really long time, and after a few minutes, I started watching more closely to see what was happening. She was standing there digging through her purse, pulling papers out and getting more and more frustrated. One employee came over, then another. I could see that this woman was trying to return something, but she didn't have her receipt. She was doing everything she could to get her money back; she talked and explained, but it was no use. She ended up packing up her things and walking out the door. When it was my turn, I walked up to the counter, handed the clerk my receipt, and asked for a credit on my credit card. Everything went through just fine, and I received my refund without a problem.

The difference between me and the woman in front of me is that she was pleading her case, and I was presenting mine. She had no proof that she had purchased that item from that store. She had no evidence, and therefore, no entitlement to what she wanted. Now, on the other hand, I had proof of my purchase. I was operating according to the guidelines set forth by that company. I presented my case and received what I was expecting.

It works the same way when we go to God. We don't need to beg Him for anything. We don't need to plead with Him—"Oh, please God…I'm a nice person…I went to church…etc." He's already set up a policy in His Word so that we can receive from Him. Philippians 4:6 says "Don't be anxious about anything, but by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." In other words, bring your proof; bring the Word of God! That's your evidence. It's powerful when we come to God with His Word on our lips!

If you've been busy pleading your case, if you've been telling God how unfair things are or begging for things to change, switch over today and begin to present His Word. Say, "Father, You said in Your word that no weapon formed against me shall prosper…You said You would make my enemies be at peace with me…" Declare His Word; present your case. I believe you will see things turn around and experience His favor on every area of your life!

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